Now it is possible to check and correct your Dania Cup registration

The functionality of the registration system that makes it possible to check and correct your previous entry is now reopened. To gain access to your registration data, use the personal password that you received by e-mail in the acknowledgment that we sent you when you registered.

We have learned that there have been problems in receiving our e-mail confirmations from people who have used e-mail addresses from the following providers:

  • Microsoft e-mail accounts (@, @, @ outlook.XXX and @ live.XXX (XXX = .com,, .se, and more).
  • Apple e-mail accounts (@
  • Other e-mail accounts (@, @

We have investigated the reasons for this and have found that the error is caused by a blockage of the IP address that our hosting partner (SURFTOWN) uses for e-mail distribution.
If you have the opportunity to use a different e-mail address for communication between you and us, we encourage you to correct the original e-mail address in your registration.

Should you still be in the situation that you did NOT receive an email confirmation of your registration, please send an e-mail to so that we can send you a copy.