Dania Cup party

True to tradition a dinner and dance party will be held Tuesday night (11th of July) for all participants, judges, officials and family. The party will be held in the indoor sports arena at Hoersholm Sports Centre.

Doors will be opened at 7.30 PM (19.30), and at 8.00 PM (20.00) the food will be ready. Food will include an appetizer served on a plate, grand buffet (including two different kinds of meat with side dishes, dessert of some kind and coffee/tea). In the course of the evening speeches and other entertainment is to be expected. Later we turn up the music and the discotheque offers “live” music events for the young at 20, 40 and 60. Music and dancing will continue into the early hours. 

Participation fee is 250 Dkr. per person (children under the age of 12 pays half price), when paid in advance along with entry registration to the competition.  

It will even be possible to buy tickets for the Dania Cup party during the competition week (deadline 12 noon (12.00) Monday the 10th of July, in which case the participation fee is 300 Dkr. per person (children under the age of 12 pays half price).

The price does not include drinks. Soft drinks, beer, wine and alcohol will be sold at the party. Please observe that you are NOT allowed to bring your own beverages into the indoor sports arena!

NOTE: Please inform us in advance if you are allergic or a vegetarian, so that we can accommodate your needs.

NOTE: As mentioned the party will take place in the indoor sports arena which means that there should be plenty of room for everybody.