Once again Hoersholm Sports Centre has been selected to facilitate Dania Cup 2020. 

Hoersholm Sports Centre, which is located in the beautiful North Zealand, midway between Elsinore and Copenhagen, contains very fine facilities in the form of large, contiguous grasslands, good shower and changing facilities, indoor sports center and swimming pool and a very nice cafeteria, which can handle the provisioning of food for both participants and officials.

During Dania Cup 2020 competitions will be held six out of the seven days. Wednesday has initially been set aside as a resting day. However we intend to offer the facilities on Wednesday to the Danish Kennel Club national agility team for possible conduct of agility workshops – an idea we have earlier successfully tested – from which the profit will go directly to the national team competitors at the World Championship 2020 in Estonia. However, at this time we do not know whether or not the agility national team will take advantage of the offer.

Finally it is our hope that we will be able to offer you another memorable agility week with merry contestants from home and abroad making friendships across borders and language barriers – a week with focus on a general respect for our dogs, our fellow contestants and our agility sport. And let us keep our fingers crossed for a whole week of Danish summer at its best.