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Accommodation at the sports centre
Alternate accommodation possibilities


Camping at the sports centre:
It will be possible to camp directly on the grounds of the Hoersholm Sports Centre from 10 AM (10.00) on Saturday the 11th of July until 12 noon (12.00) on Sunday the 19th of July 2020. We have a large area at our disposal so there is no restriction as to numbers yet. Campers will have access to toilets and bathrooms as well as to limited kitchen/dish washing facilities.

Camping spot (electricity included):
To each unit an area of 10 x 8 meters is assigned. Due to security demands issued by the local firefighting authorities, campers/caravans with a total length of more than 7 meters must book a larger (15 x 8 meters) camping spot.
Please note that only one unit will be allowed at each camping spot.

Camper/caravan (up to 7 meters long (total length)), camp-let or tent: 

  • Price per unit including electricity:
    From 6 to 8 nights:                     1.550 Dkr.
    At 5 nights or less:                      Ask for specific price

Camper/caravan (Longer than 7 meters (total length)):

  • Price per unit including electricity:
    From 6 to 8 nights:                     2.200 Dkr.
    At 5 nights or less:                      Ask for specific price

Payment for camping MUST be done in advance through our bank account.

Please note that booking of camping will only be possible on-line through this WEB-page, since all reservations are administered by Kvistgaard Agility Club.
Please note  that cars UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are allowed in the camping area except upon arrival and departure.

Rooms at the Sports Centre
Unfortunately no rooms are available at the Sports Centre.

In case you are not interested in/able to stay at the Dania Cup camping area, we recommend the following alternate accommodation possibilities. In the Hoersholm-area several accommodation alternatives at hotels, youth hostel or camping cabins are available. Try the hyperlinks below if you want to book an alternative to the Dania Cup camping area at Hoersholm Sports Centre:

Youth hostel in Elsinore:
There are app. 8 cabins and more than 30 rooms where it is allowed to bring your dog/dogs.

Nordre Strandvej 24
DK-3000 Elsinore
Telefon (+45) 4928 4949

Summerhouses in North Zealand:

Hotels and holiday centres in the area around Hoersholm: