Terms for participation


Handler must be minimum 10 years of age on the day of competition (junior handler only 8 years of age). Both pedigree and non-pedigree dogs can participate. Dog must be a minimum 18 months of age on day of competition, and have a results book issued by the Danish Kennel Club or another FCI-approved kennel club. Foreign dogs whose home country does not issue results books must bring a document from their kennel club stating which class level the dog belongs in. The dog must be insured with coverage for agility. The dog must at least be vaccinated against Parvo and Distemper. Last vaccination must be within four years. Any boosters must be given at least two weeks before participation. Foreign dogs must also be vaccinated against Rabies. All dogs must be in good mental and physical health. In-whelp bitches within 30 days prior to giving birth and bitches with puppies younger than 75 days cannot participate. 

Bitches in season: Bitches in season are welcome to participate in the competition. If your bitch is in season, notification must be given upon check-in – at the latest. If seasoning is noticed by the handler at a later stage of the competition, notification must be given immediately.
The following will apply for handlers with bitches in season:

  • A red tag will be issued by the organizers. This tag must be worn by the bitch visibly to all competitors during the entire week.
  • Bitches in season will run on its turn in the starting order in their class.
  • When walking to and from the competition area the handler has to take any precautions necessary in order not to disturb other competitor.

Failure to do so may result in disqualification for the rest of the day or the rest of the competition on distinct discretion by the organising committee. 

Dog illness: Any unused entry fees will be returned in the event of a dog being prevented from participating due to illness. In case of illness the organisers will require documentation from a vet. If a foreign dog is unable to participate because of illness, the owner/handler must forward veterinary documentation at his or her own expense in order for a refund of entry fees. An administrative fee of 150,00 Dkr. will be charged at all times. 

NOTE: Tail docked dogs born after the 1st of June 1996 (except Breton, Pointer, Vizsla and Weimaraner) cannot participate according to Danish legislation.


A maximum of 1500 runs per day (app. 375 runs per ring) have been set as a limit by the steering committee. Each handler is limited to a maximum of 6 runs per competition day.

There are no demands upon participation for more than one day. However, in case the maximum limit per day (1500 runs per day) is reached before the 1th of March 2020 the participants will be prioritized in accordance with the following criteria:

  • The number of days each competitor wants to participate. The more days you register, the higher your registration will be prioritized. Highest priority will be given to competitors who register for at least 2 runs per day each of the 6 days of competition.
  • Priority will also be given to competitors who volunteer to act as officials during the week – even if not able to compete the entire week. Highest priority will be given to competitors who register only one dog for the competition, as well as competitors whose none competing family members volunteer as officials.

All competitors, who have registered on-line for participation before the 1th of March 2020 will be contacted with either confirmation or refusal of participation within 3 weeks.

In case the maximum limit of runs per day is not exceeded by the 1th of March 2020, the remaining runs will be assigned in the order that we receive your on-line registration.

Please note that your participation IS NOT GUARANTEED, UNTIL YOU RECEIVE A FINAL CONFIRMATION via e-mail which includes your personal registration number and detailed payment instructions.


ENTRY FEES (2019-prices)

Entry fees MUST be forwarded through our bank account – See more details under PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS

Registration fee for 1. start (to be paid only once, regardless of which weekday is your first day of competition) – except junior and senior classes

95,00 Dkr.

Subsequent official and unofficial classes as well as ALL junior and senior classes

  65,00 Dkr.

The Dania Cup final

Free of charge